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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

More Damage Reports from Agatha

I just talked to Robert and got a list of damages that immediately concern us.

1]No gas for the tuk tuks and pickups to run. The road has been cleared today to CA1 so tomorrow they are expecting gas
2] The mayor of San Andres [ the county seat for the area] called today and asked for as much medicine as we could give them. They had alot of injured people from Agatha and not near enough medicine. We have some stock thanks to the big medical team that came in March and bought $2000.00 in meds. Gary and Sylvia, we need a medical team and more meds. We promised to give them half of all that we had.
3] The yard is washed out and needs a landscaping crew to repair gullys. The wooden retaing walls did not retain the dirt and it washed into the kitchen area. The big round cement bench washed into a gully. Our road to the next level needs massive repair work.

Our new chicken house is fine and Robert is sending pictures which I will post.


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