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Wednesday, June 02, 2010


The last day we were in Guatemala turned out to be pretty adventurous. Actually the whole trip was. This one tho struck the chords of my baby loving heart. I got a call from one of the midwives who comes to prenatal classes. She had delivered a baby the night before at the Solola hosp. for one of the families in our community. They were doing fine, but she had another situation she wanted to talk to me about. Another woman had delivered boy/girl twins by c-section the night before and was not able to take care of them. She had 5 other children and her husband had died that year. She had no money, not even enough to pay for the blood transfusions she needed and they would not give them to her until they were paid for. The midwife's husband had also died this past year and she wanted to take care of the babies she said. But she needed help with the formula and diapers and clothes that we give all newborns in our community so she was making sure she could get that. I told her we would make sure she had those things. I went to the hospital to see the babies and the mom before I had to fly back to the states. The mom was in terrible shape. I was worried she would die on the bed in front of me. I paid for her transfusions and meds there on the spot. The babies were adorable and weighed in at 6 and 7 pounds. The midwife has them now, but wants me to open the orphanage so they can go in there. I told her I was trying to.
YOU CAN HELP US DO THIS BY GOING TO http://www.safehomesforchildren.org and clicking on the paypal button to donate or sending my a check to
Safe Homes For Children
3303 Pond Mountain lane
Whitetop, VA 24292
We now have $650 a month committed and one time gifts of $750. So we are gradually getting there. The atty. to do the papers is $3000 and Evelyn has met with him. The monthly fee will be between $4000 and $5000 a month. 100% of your donation goes to where you want it to.
The pictures are of the family who gave birth from Godinez.They are so excited to be getting the basket of gifts we give new moms. Diapers, blankets and clothes. One picture is of the ob/gyn room. Six beds, no pillows, one thin ragged blanket. Then pcitures of the babies. The boy. The girl . My daughter Scotia holding the boy who we fed as the mom could not even lift her head off the bed much less feed him.
Help us save lives literally.

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