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Monday, September 10, 2012

Clothing distribution

So many of you donate clothing, shoes and toys for which we are so grateful. 

  Your donations get to Guatemala different ways.  Some of you take them down yourselves and some of you ship them to us.  If they are shipped to us we store them until one of two things happens; 1) we pay for a container to go down--we drive everything to PA and load it up, it gets delivered to Guatemala; or 2) some of us travel down.  Then we only take what we need in our carry ones and bring two large suitcases full of donations each. 

I'm not sure how many of you realized how much your donations are appreciated by those who receive them in Guatemala.  Dominga (who runs the house in Guatemala) has a schedule for distribution.  She always knows who needs what and when.  She knows each family and their children.  She has everything organized in her little "tienda" and when it is their turns the moms come gather what they need for their family.

Notice his new shoes.
 Dominga also sets aside the new and like new newborn clothing and creates a gift for each mother bringing home a new baby complete with homemade hats, blankets, mittens  and clothing.

So from them to you--Thank you!