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Monday, November 23, 2009

Some miraculous happenings part 2

Well I can not seem to get the pictures to come up so I will just write the story. So anyway the couple who helps all over the world checks what we are doing with the Mayans out and decides to work with us. Then my daughter Erin , who went to Guate in March with her blond headed 2 year old and started our first feeding program, flies out to California to do a presentation to that group. She and one of the ladies from California did it together.It was so successful. They raised $800.00 that night for a nice yard with flowers, grass and tables to be put in between the big building and the dining/kitchen one. We got a sponsor for Nelson so he can continue his schooling. We also got a $2500.00, a $500.00 and many smaller donations. AND WE GOT THE $15,000.00 we need to build the small clinic. My husband will design it, but we think it can have 3 rooms, definitely one outfitted for moms to give birth and stay for a few days before they go back to their drafty, smoke filled homes. The midwives will deliver routinely, but the medical teams will when they are there. The medical teams can also train the midwives so there will be more sanitary births. Then we will also have a clinic room and bathroom to see all the million people who have never had medical care. I am so psyched. When we go for a month during the holidays, we will start building.

UPDATE ON THE ORPHANAGE KIDS: Pedro and the attorney met with the CNA and they said???? all they need now is letters from all the staff we have hired saying they are hired. So Pedro is hiring the doctor, nurse, social worker, psychologist and nannies and getting the list to them. They will be hired on paper and actually start when we have kids, which hopefully will be soon.

Many. many people have sent boxes of donations and we have sponsors for Fernanda for high school. We have them also for Claudia and Alex. The same family who helped them last year. Thank all of you who are so faithful. We had a high school girl send me 6 hugh boxes of last years' soccer equipment that she collected and paid the shipping for. We have also had financial donations to be used we we see fit. THANK ALL OF YOU FOR HELPING THESE KIDS.

Vicki Dalia

Some miraculous financial happenings

Many of you know how I have been praying and working towards a clinic/birthing room for the Mayan ladies. I have given birth 10 times and can not imagine doing it on a nasty dirt floor so this has been a priority for me, albeit one I could not afford.
WELL, several things happened to make this dream come true.
First when my husband and I were in Guatemala the end of Sept. we met with four people who played a significant part in it. Two were from a group who have helped send medical and construction teams to places all over the world building things like clinics and sending medical temas dwon to serve the people. The other two were women from California who wanted to help us. One has been a long time supporter of our work and the other came to see what we were doing and how she could help.
Here is a picture of the couple who sends teams and another one of the woman who has been a long time supporter. She is with me and we are both laughing. My ocmputer is messing up so I am going to try and publish this and write another one rhight after oit of the continuing story.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

the amazing new road

We had a group, Isa Mundo, pay to have our road carved out thru half our property so the 17 acres is more useful. It was an amazing job done by our guardian and his dad and his uncle and two cousins. It provided much needed money for 3 or 4 families. I had to get a new computer so am going to try now to pull up some pictures for you of our hand carved road. THANK YOU ISA MUNDO FOR YOUR HELP AND DEVOTION.
The top picture shows you the next level of our property where we need the next section of the road to start. When done the road will connect all 3 levels of our 17 acres making it possible to use the whole property. The next pictures are of the road as it was literally hacked out by machete and pickax and shovel. The men did an amazing job working from 6 in the morning until dark. They all desperately needed the money to feed their families. The final picture is of Jose. our faithful guardian, who along with his relatvies dug our raod.
The second and final phase will cost about $3000.00.

Vicki Dalia