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Monday, November 23, 2009

Some miraculous financial happenings

Many of you know how I have been praying and working towards a clinic/birthing room for the Mayan ladies. I have given birth 10 times and can not imagine doing it on a nasty dirt floor so this has been a priority for me, albeit one I could not afford.
WELL, several things happened to make this dream come true.
First when my husband and I were in Guatemala the end of Sept. we met with four people who played a significant part in it. Two were from a group who have helped send medical and construction teams to places all over the world building things like clinics and sending medical temas dwon to serve the people. The other two were women from California who wanted to help us. One has been a long time supporter of our work and the other came to see what we were doing and how she could help.
Here is a picture of the couple who sends teams and another one of the woman who has been a long time supporter. She is with me and we are both laughing. My ocmputer is messing up so I am going to try and publish this and write another one rhight after oit of the continuing story.

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