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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Special Ones

I was privileged to be in Guate from Oct. 2 until the 14th. Seems my heart is always in more than one place. Here in the states are my kids and grandkids. Also my house that we built and our gardens and orgainic food that we grow. Eighteen grandkids, soon to be 20. And safety and security issues are so much easier. I can drive at night. I don't look over my shoulder 6 times a day.

But there in Guate, I partner with the Lord. Helping to take care of the poorest of the poor. Helping to watch over His little ones and know that if I were not there their lives would be so much harder. Below is 18 mamas and their assorted children from the aldea of Chuti-estancia. They stopped as I was leaving the mama/tot program that day and told me with tears in their eyes how much the mama/tot nutrition program meant to them. Then I started crying. Such humility. Here at home in the good ole USA, my kids or grandkids never cryingly tell me how much they appreciate what I do. It was nice for a couple of minutes.

That day at the mama/tot feeding program had been rough. We had 6 special kids who needed help. I have pictures of some and then it got so busy talking and translating with mamas and kids that we forgot the pictures. One was Jeremias, the little downs baby we have helped since he was a couple of months old. He is a twin. His twin is the baby being held and the downs baby is the one laying on the scale. The healthy one weighs 18 pounds and is developmentally on target. Jeremias wieghs 11 pounds and does not sit or hold his head up.

Next was a beautiful 5 pound little girl. Big problem was she is 7 months old. Can not sit or hold her head up. We started both underweights on more formula and wrote and asked Peter [our USA pediatrician who sees them from time to time] what to do.

Next was a 2.5 year old who as you can see from the picture could not hold his head up or sit much less walk. His mama's back was horribly twisted. She could hardly walk. We will start giving her money to take him once a week to therapy in Pana. We need money for a physical therapist to come to our clinic once a week. We also gave her a stroller. Thanks so much Karen with Kid to Kid for the donation so we had it to give.

That day we had 3 more sick or malnourished kids. We gave money for doctor visits.
We now have over 100 mamas and over 250 kids in our mama/tot program and many 100s more who want to join asap.

We have 50 kids who won't be able to go to middle school next year unless we have help.

We have 20 mamas in our pregnancy prograam that need a doctor or midwife once a week to come to our clinic.

We have 200 children in our elementary feeding and tutorial program and 1000s more who want this program in their community.

We need an emergency fund for the sicky who come to us and need money for a doctor or an ambulance or medsmmediately.

So if you can give or even if you can't and have to sacrifice soda or chips or whatever please do and give. I won't ask you to give up chocolate. I perfectly understand how that would be too hard. But the others, could be enough to feed one more child.

We will have Christmas cards for sale next week. Please order from us and help us take more people.

Pass this blog to everyone you know and ask them to help. Call us to schedule a presentation to family or friends. Ask them to pass their Christmas charity money our way. Ask them to order their Christmas cards form us.

100% will go to one of these programs. If you feel strongly about one, just mention it and it will go there.

Many. many thanks to those of you who already give. You can see from the pictures the ones you are already helping. If you have a scholarship child, you will be getting a letter soon and know that because of you they made it thru one more grade. Please help them with the next grade. If you support a mama and her children , know they live better because of you.

We travel to Guate the first part of Jan. to live for 3 months and can take donations of shoes and formula and school supplies with us when we go if you send it. Money can be donated thru the donate button or wirte me at 20.vicki@gmail.com and I will give you an address.

Next blog I will tell you about an exciting new nutritional program we will be part of thru Peter the Pediatricina and USAID.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Medical Emergencies

I want to start this blog by saying "thank you" to all those that donated to help Maria. She spent some time in the hospital where the doctors where able to put a membrane over the hole in her foot. She is going to need major physical therapy (which she needed as a child but never received because of her family's circumstances), but she is recently back home in a wheel chair that we (you) bought her and healthy. (read more about Maria here)

Maria with one of her many siblings in her home before her hospital stay

Maria coming home

If you have been following Joel's blog you will see that we seem to be having lots of medical emergencies coming our way. We had another baby struggling to breath. Joel quickly called an ambulance and paid the $6.00 to have the infant taken to the hospital. Pneumonia is so common among these small children who spend all day inside with their mothers who are cooking over an open fire.

Mom and baby on the way to the hospital

We would like to set up a fund to have available when these emergencies come to us. These children are so precious, and their parents do not have the means to help them in emergency situations. Let me know if you would like to donate to help us set up an emergency fund.

Also, the ONIL stove would stop the pneumonia problem in the babies if anyone is interested in buying one--this would make a great Christmas present for that person that has everything.