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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

We had a husband/wife musical group perform at the orphanage this afternoon. They were great. Between their playing and me grabbing my 14 year old son and dancing, we had all the kids laughing, singing and dancing. The final number was the American song Twist and Shout and the kids loved it and learning the twist. So nice to see all those young uns who had such a sad start in life, laughing and dancing and just having fun.
Thanks so much to Yata and his wife Jean.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

We have decided to move all the city kids to the orphanage at the lake. The schools at cerro de Oro have agreed to accept them the second week in Feb. This will certainly simplify things for us as soon as we get them settled in. In the meantime their is quite a bit of work to do.
Let me tell you about two of the kids at the city orp. Their are sibs. The older is named Victor. He came to us a couple of months ago with alot of fanfare. His story was on the front page of the Pensa Libre, the newspaper for Guate City and the whole country. He made the front page becuase he had been so badly beaten by his father. Last week we got his 9 year old sister. Yesterday she had a major seizure and after our head nanny took het to the hospital, it was determined that she has a fairly serious seizure disorder. We need to have alot of tests done on her. She has started on meds. I wonder if she has shaken baby syndrome. Her dad certainly seems capable of that type of behavior.
Director of http://www,safehomesforchildren.org

Monday, January 22, 2007

Well we are back in Guate and at the lake. There is lots of excitement here. The biggest challenge seems to be moving the city orphanage. We have to be out in a month and have to decide whether to move all the city children to the lake or to another house we have found in San Lucas. We found out today that Adolfo quit without giving us any notice. We had noticed that his work was not up to par since we had been back, but have no idea why he quit. We have 25 kids at the Lake and 16 in the City. Jackie and Stephanie have gone back to live with their mother. Hope they are safe and happy. The baby at the lake has been in the hospital for the last two days. I am discouraged, but will try and keep up the writing.