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Where we are

Los Robles

Los Robles is a village of 300 plus people. We own land here and have built our building, called Casa de Sion, on this land. Casa de Sion is the headquarters for everything we do in Guatemala. We run a Tutorial Program for the elementary kids here. The middle school kids are provided with scholarships. We run two Mother/Toddler feeding programs with 90 mamas and 200 plus infants and toddlers. We have a clinic for the visiting teams to use. We also hope to soon have a garden growing and chickens running around.

Nueva Victoria

Nueva Victoria is a Mayan pueblo that was displaced by Hurricane Agatha. It is a village of 350+ people (63 families), they were forced out of their homes in 2010 when a mudslide covered their village. They have started over in tents and shacks made from scrap wood in a place they are calling Nueva Victoria.
We are currently working with two groups that are building them a small school and a kitchen that we can run our programs out of. We have provided 2 teachers to teach the elementary children for 3 hours of tutorials each day. In addition, we feed over 110 elementary school kids lunch 3 days a week.. We hope to start the mother/toddler feeding program soon as the level of malnourishment is very evident among the infant / toddler group. We are hoping with the tutorial program that many of these children will have a desire to continue on to middle and high school. We plan to provide scholarships them when the need is there.


For more information:

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