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Thursday, June 09, 2011


Sorry I have not written in so long. Excuses are poor health for me. I had a physical and had some minor heart blockage so am devoting a day each week to do chelation. Then we had some personal family problems that needed attention and our house that we abandoned for 4 months needed our help. Plus we raise a lot of our food here in the states.Then Joel has not been there and I lost enthusiasm. But thanks to Dominga and Gil the porgrams kept going. We have tons more mamas and infants and tots who want to join our programs. Their kids are starving and they do what all mamas do when their kids are hurting. Anything they can to help. We have more and more handicapped kids who need us to help with their medicals. And then a bunch more kids who can't go to school next year without sponsors. They have finished 6th grade, but want to move further than that and break the poverty cycle. SO THESE ARE ALL THE PROGRAMS WE NEED YOUR HELP WITH AND THE ONES YOUR DONATIONS CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE WITH. My enthusiasm is back and I will be in Guate in July to take more pictures.

Now for the things we are making progress with.Kent and Jeff and their team have almost finished the guardian house for the middle land. It is right next to the chicken house and as soon as we move in a guardian we can buy chickens and not have them stolen. Juan, our community building guardian has been working on our gardens and soon we will have chickens and veggies for our programs. Debbie and Daniel and Richard have negotiated with the men from Nueva Victoria and Los Robles. In exchange for these 50 men clearing the 14 cuardas[ 3.5 to 4 acres ] on our third level property and preparing it for the planting of black beans, Nueva Victoria will get $1000.00 worth of fertilizer for their corn and and Los Robles will get $500.00 to pay off their electric bill so the school will have electricity. They were helped by a team of 14 college girls who make it a summer habit to go from country to country doing good. This will definitely increase our ability to be self-sufficient. Pictures will follow soon.

We have finished updating our website so take a look. www.safehomesforchildren.org