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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Well those of you who know me well know I tend to sometimes jump ahead of the program. That is what Jody is for, to slow me down. But he was not here the last email I typed so I need to backtrack alittle. A couple of things. First the American Legion is being very helpful and allowing me to present our proposal to them next week. We still have to follow procedure and be passed by their board.
As to the LDS church welfare, I have spoken with them and they told me we would have to work thru a NGO 501C3, which we are. Also they would need a list of the materials required, based on a specific plan, and a quote from a local supplier along with a project request form. They will require our financial statements showing an accounting of gifts,donations, income and expenses. Once these statements and forms are reviewed, and if approved by the area welfare manager, they would go to the area presindency for final approval. Quess I just like to think positive.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Well I have found our orphanage property. The one we were supposed to buy is not going to work out and so we started looking at other places. The one we found Wednesday is fantastic. Twenty five acres of beautiful rolling farm land 20 mins. above Panajachel. We have enough room for a 200 kid orphanage as well as our own school that we can also use to school the community children. There is plenty of room for vegetable and fruit gardens and farm animals to comnplete my dream of us being self suffcient.We can have a clinic there that would greatly benefit the surrounding Mayan communtiy. I already have people who want to donate dental and medical equipment for the clinic. I also have a donation of 5 new computers for the school.The Mormon church welfare Dept. has told me they would donate all the building materials for the buildings. We will have gorgeous accommodations there for volunteers as the views are out of Sound of Music with patchwork farms and mountains on one side and lake Atitlan and 5 volcanoes on the other. Land of this size is rare esp. at this price of $90,000.00.
I know that together we can do this. here is all we need:
1. $600.00 a month to make the land payment
2. Money to dig the well, about $2000.00
3. Money to pay to have the main road connected to the orphanage property, about $3000.00
4. The electrical lines connected from the Mayan pueblo to our property. I have a contact with engineers without borders who I hope can help with this.
5. The buildings built. Remeber I already have the materials donated. Does anyone have contacts with Habitat for Humanity. They have an office in Panajachel.

Well all I need now is to know which part you want to do. Just email me at 20.vicki@gmail


Monday, May 21, 2007

Well my car did not get hit last week or was it 2 weeks ago. Time flies when you are having fun.
I am at the hospitalito having myself checked for amebas. I love 3rd world countries.
We have a new staff member. She is a nurse who is getting her social work degree on the week ends. I am excited to have her as she is what I needed to start the malnourished baby program. Also she will complete a 9 page social medical form on all the children.
We are looking at buying land and building more of what we need in facilities. Jody and I are looking at a 10 and 25 acre tracts on Weds. If we like them we will buy right away. I think we can get the building materials free from the LDS church. Anyone who wants to contribute to the land purchase, let me know.
We are talking seriously about starting a school at our facility. I just got word that the government is pulling their money out of education and if you can not afford a private school, you do not go to school. Also with adoptions being shut down alot of the money making orphanages will close and those of us who do this for reasons other than money will shoulder the increase in kids.
We just got a call that they are bringing us a new 12 year old girl.
Keep us in your hearts and prayers.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My daughter Sarah and her husband and Adam my new granddaguhter Tali visited all last week. Definitely the hardest part about being here is the grandbabies being in the states. part of me would like to be the southern country woman who has all the kids and grandkids live within a 5 mile radius and no one ever goes anywhere. Obviously there is another side to me. The whoel orphanage was sick all last week with uppper respiratory infections. At our house we all had stomach flus. I am at the internet cafe praying my car does not get hit. We have changed over alot of staff. Got to go move my car.