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Monday, May 21, 2007

Well my car did not get hit last week or was it 2 weeks ago. Time flies when you are having fun.
I am at the hospitalito having myself checked for amebas. I love 3rd world countries.
We have a new staff member. She is a nurse who is getting her social work degree on the week ends. I am excited to have her as she is what I needed to start the malnourished baby program. Also she will complete a 9 page social medical form on all the children.
We are looking at buying land and building more of what we need in facilities. Jody and I are looking at a 10 and 25 acre tracts on Weds. If we like them we will buy right away. I think we can get the building materials free from the LDS church. Anyone who wants to contribute to the land purchase, let me know.
We are talking seriously about starting a school at our facility. I just got word that the government is pulling their money out of education and if you can not afford a private school, you do not go to school. Also with adoptions being shut down alot of the money making orphanages will close and those of us who do this for reasons other than money will shoulder the increase in kids.
We just got a call that they are bringing us a new 12 year old girl.
Keep us in your hearts and prayers.

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