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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We've been on vacation as you can tell by the last entry. Vicki was at music camp for a week and we have been visiting with the family.
But the orphanage has been VERY busy. Three local judges have been by in the last 10 days to inspect the orphanage. They were thrilled and we have five new children with promises of more. They are grateful to have a hogar nearby to send children. We are the only one at the lake taking our kind of kids. We got an 11 that had to spend 2 weeks in the hospital first as he had been beaten so bad. Also three little sisters living on the street ages 2, 4, and 6 and one little 3 year old whose mom would leave him and his brother and sister for several days at a time. We will receive the sibs soon.
We have two volunteer teams at the orphanage currently. A group of 6 young college girls who have cleaned and cuddled and played and bought shoes for all the kids. The best thing they did for me was organize the bodega [ our house that we store the donations in ]. They were there for 3 weeks and leave this week-end. Yesterday a group of high school kids and chaperones arrived. They will clean, cuddle and play also. Next week they will conduct a camp for the kids. They will cook an American lunch for them each day and do camp activities withm all afternoon. We love our volunteers at they do things with the children that the staff does not have time to do.

Soon we will add a fund-raising page on the website [http://www,safehomesforchildren.org ]
The challenge is to find a permanent location that will allow us to grow. Vicki is talking to local Rotary Clubs and whoever will listen that might want to help with fund raising. Another non-profit has volunteered to help raise money via sponsors for each child. That would be a great help; it would allow some of the other money to be channeled into the purchase of land and buildings.
We will put photos of the children up on this blogger so everyone can meet them. As you will see they are surprisingly like every other kid you know including your own. They love the idea that they have a personal sponsor that is paying for them individually. They love getting "IN" clothes and shoes. "IN" clothes for them is anything that does not have big holes or stains in it. They don't like being considered orphans; they love the idea of belonging. While most have had a rough start in life, they are making rapid strides toward success. At last report all were passing at school and some were excelling.
We have a new administrative asst. Rosa Bevins who will intro herself to you soon.
Anyone wanting to send donations can email me at 20.vicki@gmail.com. If they get here by the end of Aug., we can take them to Guate when we leave the end of the month.
Thanks so much for your help
Vicki Dalia

Thanks for your