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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Well I have found our orphanage property. The one we were supposed to buy is not going to work out and so we started looking at other places. The one we found Wednesday is fantastic. Twenty five acres of beautiful rolling farm land 20 mins. above Panajachel. We have enough room for a 200 kid orphanage as well as our own school that we can also use to school the community children. There is plenty of room for vegetable and fruit gardens and farm animals to comnplete my dream of us being self suffcient.We can have a clinic there that would greatly benefit the surrounding Mayan communtiy. I already have people who want to donate dental and medical equipment for the clinic. I also have a donation of 5 new computers for the school.The Mormon church welfare Dept. has told me they would donate all the building materials for the buildings. We will have gorgeous accommodations there for volunteers as the views are out of Sound of Music with patchwork farms and mountains on one side and lake Atitlan and 5 volcanoes on the other. Land of this size is rare esp. at this price of $90,000.00.
I know that together we can do this. here is all we need:
1. $600.00 a month to make the land payment
2. Money to dig the well, about $2000.00
3. Money to pay to have the main road connected to the orphanage property, about $3000.00
4. The electrical lines connected from the Mayan pueblo to our property. I have a contact with engineers without borders who I hope can help with this.
5. The buildings built. Remeber I already have the materials donated. Does anyone have contacts with Habitat for Humanity. They have an office in Panajachel.

Well all I need now is to know which part you want to do. Just email me at 20.vicki@gmail


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