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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Well those of you who know me well know I tend to sometimes jump ahead of the program. That is what Jody is for, to slow me down. But he was not here the last email I typed so I need to backtrack alittle. A couple of things. First the American Legion is being very helpful and allowing me to present our proposal to them next week. We still have to follow procedure and be passed by their board.
As to the LDS church welfare, I have spoken with them and they told me we would have to work thru a NGO 501C3, which we are. Also they would need a list of the materials required, based on a specific plan, and a quote from a local supplier along with a project request form. They will require our financial statements showing an accounting of gifts,donations, income and expenses. Once these statements and forms are reviewed, and if approved by the area welfare manager, they would go to the area presindency for final approval. Quess I just like to think positive.

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