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Saturday, June 05, 2010


My daughter, Hannah, arrived in Guatemala on Thursday morning and was met at the airport by our friend Antonio. He drove her out to Lake Atitlan by way of CA1. Hannah and Antonio both said there were only two lanes open as mud and rocks were on the other two.. They had to drive slow, but made it to Panajachel fine. Our volunteer house has water and Juana has made back and is cooking and cleaning for the next team that comes in tonight. There is much work for them to do.
One of the first things they will do is go check on Manuel and Rosa's family. We heard they had alot of mud and water destroyed the things in their house and all their food. So I guess they lost the blankets I took them as that was all they had. The team of Robert, my daughter Hannah and Debbie and the women who came with her are going to Manuels house. They are taking them food and see what esle they need. They are also going to talk to their mom and Manuel and Rosa and offer them the chance to move into a rented room near our facilities where they can come to our feeding and tutorial programs. We can make sure they have clothes and shoes and school supplies. I hope they see the benefits.
Pictures are of Hannah and Manuel and his brothers Rolando and Carlos.
Remember to Donate to get our orphanage opened and give kids like Manuel and his brothers a life. Go http://www.safehomesforchildren.org and click the donate button.

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