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Thursday, June 03, 2010

101 Families in San Andres area loose their homes

101 families are living in shelters&schools in & around San Andres. Many have lung and intestinal problems. We have their wish list for meds

This is the email I got from Robert yesterday. The governemnt has hired two social workers to visit all the pueblos and get the stats on what happened to them because of Hurricane Agatha. San Andres is our county so to speak. I have not gotten the official word yet on Los Robles as they were canvassing the families as he wrote this to me. In the meantime there are 101 Mayan families in our area that need help. We have people going to Guatemala to volunteer in June. If you can donate meds, let me know and I will have you send them to the closest person. Or it cost about $40 a month for the "house" the Mayans live in so if you want to help a family get back into housing, let me know. The social workers were going to collect half of what we had on hand in the way of meds at our clinic in Los Robles to take to the sick and injured.
You can donate thru our donate button at http://www.safehomesforchildren.org
or contact me for a mailing address. As always 100% goes to the people. and the projects.


Laura said...

Vicki - thanks for updating everyone. Could you please share your wishlist, so that we can spread the word about their needs?

scranney_santacruz said...

Hurricane Agatha was Tropical Storm Agatha. Winds never reached very close to hurricane strength thank heavens. It did rain a bunch.

Steve and Laurel Cranney