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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pics from the bottom up
1] the road leading to the 56 families and where they live
2] how would you like to cook for 350 plus on this
3] the grounds that the families live on; at least it is flat
4] this is your living room not a picnic and then go home to comfort
5] the storage room and kitchen area
6] one of the sad eyed starving children
7] Debbie told me this little boy kept scraping the bowl for one last drop of black beans; it never came
8]How would you like to live here

Well I had a hard time sleeping last night because I could not stop thinking of what it would be like to sleep in a tent like this. Not for just one night or even two but indefinitely. What do you do if there is a downpour like there has been for the last week. What if you have an infant or a sick 3 year old or a elderly mother with pneumonia.? No blanket, dirt floor and rain pouring in. No food to keep you going. What about the picture of the little boy who keeps licking the bowl trying to find enough black beans to keep his stomach from hurting. or the little girl whose eyes show the despair she feels at such a young age.
this is how over 350 people have been living since hurricane Agatha caused enough dirt and water to destroy their village. A kind man has given them this land to live on indefinitely and is supplying them with wood to cook with and try to stay a little bit warm. CAN YOU HELP WITH THE REST/ JUST PUSH THE DONATE BUTTON. AND REMEMBER 100% GOES TO THE PROJECTS.


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