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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Donated Food items

We received a wonderful donation of food items. The same day I posted about the tents I received an email from a friend on this list saying he had just been called and asked if he knew anyone who needed food. Dick wrote me and I called
Mark and Debbie, a volunteer and Debbie another volunteer in Guate went and got the food. Here are a few pictures of what we got and a list. Mark said it was all donated to him from the Rotary. We were able to give it out yesterday. I will have pictures of it soon. Oh did I tell everyone we have 17 more families living directly in the path of the river. They have no where esle to go and sleep up on higher ground at night. Our team was meeting with the mayor yesterday to help get them some land. They received food from us yesterday. WE WILL NEED MORE FOOD FOR THESE 100 FAMILIES SOON SO CLICK DONATE IF YOU WANT TO SAVE LIVES.
We are so blessed with volunteers this month. Debbie, in the states, sent me 6 boxes of new clothes and shoes. Melanie is down there now taking professional photos for me. Jerrilyn and her family arrive today to do clinics in Los Robles and San Andres and Pana. We have a youth team from Richmond there doing amazing digging to repair the damage done by Hurricane Agatha and another youth team coming in today to dig and work with kids. And we have Zeke a long term volunteer there helping with the repair efforts. The hurricane did a number on our property and we are trying to save the well from falling into a sink hole. I will have pictures of this next blog. And I forgot the volunteer team of two Debbies and five teen girls. And the EMT team we had last week.
Here is the list of food items and personal care items we got from Mark's group.
LIST OF FOOD ITEMS GIVEN BY MARK RICHARD /Hope Haven: Rec’vd - 47 buckets

65 Bags of Masa De Maiz

12 Bags of spaghetti noodles (small)

36 Bags of sugar (small)

43 Bottles of cooking oil

115 Bags of Black Beans

32 Bags of ceral (mush)

58 Bags of pasta (small)

39 Packages of soup

20 Boxes of matches

5 Bags of Soda crackers

48 pks -2 slices of toasted bread

9 small bottles of hot sauce

10 Cans of Chocolate milk mix

3 Cans of refried beans – 20 oz

4 Cans of refried beans – 16 oz

5 Cans of refried beans – 10 oz

1 Can of refried beans – 5 oz

38 cups of soup

131 Bags of rice (small)

63 Bags of sugar (small)

112 Bags of Incaparina

16 Instant oatmeal in a cup

13 Liquid Incaparina sippy cups

3 bags of cake sprinkles

16 bags of sugar (large)

68 white long candles

20 boxes (small) matches


Items in ½ gallon black bucket: Rcv’d 36 buckets

1 large 64 x 84 fleece blanket

1 medium size fleece child’s blanket

1 towel

2 rolls of toilet paper

1 bar of body soap

2 boxes of matches

5 bandaides

1 bag of laundry soap or bar of soap to do laundry ( two types of soap)

1 tube of tooth paste

1 white t-shirt

1 – Information packet/coloring book – King’s Kids Good Life Guide

Totally awesome, isn't it.

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