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Thursday, June 10, 2010


We had five pregnant ladies come to our first prenatal group.One of them was Samuel's mom who was due to deliver any day [ she has delivered but I have not heard whether boy or girl ]. One of the community midwives was there. Her name is Lillian. She has more education than most as she finished 8th grade. She is also very interested in the women becoming educated.We gave out beautiful baby blankets made by a woman and her mother in the states to each woman at the meeting. They were so thrilled to have something new for their babies. None of them had been to the doctor. They were scared of delivery because the closest hospital is an hour away by car and they do not have a car. At least in our birthing room , it is clean and we provide needed supplies as well as baby items. They don't have the excitement American women have over the new baby items and cute little clothes that offset some of the fear of delivery.
I got a donated child's walker from a PT that works with a friend's children. Sherrie picked it up, put it in the mail. Safe Homes paid shipping and I hauled it to Guatemala and out to Los Robles. Te first children's playgroup, I had the walker ready. Samuel crawled over to it, pulled himself up and then walked with it for the next 3 hours. We have another child who is using it also. It is Angel. He is 6 and has never walked. He looks normal and no one has any idea why he has not walked. He also loved the walker and we paid to start Angel in rehab. My cook Dominga is taking him.

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