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Sunday, June 06, 2010

More Updates on the Mayan victims of Agatha

I have received more heartbreaking news from my daughter Hannah and friends who are in Panajachel. Hannah said all the lettuce crop is completely ruined from being under water so long and the coffee crop is ruined because of all the rain. Don't understand why that is, but this is the third time I have heard this.
The streets of Panajachel are still covered with mud and makes for a muddy mess when raining and a dusty walk or tuk tuk ride when sunny.. But lots of families are being forced to live in their broken down one roomers with 4 feet of mud covering all their belongings because they can not afford to do anything else.
All but one of the bridges in Panajachel is broken down including the brand new concrete bridge that the Korean's paid for after hurricane Stan. One bridge remains; the big yellow bridge that was built by the Army Corp of engineers in 1940. The bridge between Pana and San Andres went down and now you have to walk across the gorge. The result is that all the volunteer teams are helping those on the Pana side of the fallen bridge. The mayor of San Andres called us asking for help for the 121 homeless families above the bridge who have no clothes, blankets or food. Tuesday my volunteer team will investigate the needs around Los Robles, Godinez and the 121 homeless families. We are prepared to give out clothing and shoes and blankets where needed. These are the families that the mayor requested medicines for.
Some of you that have been on this blog for a long time will remember the small pueblo of Jabailito where Jody and I used to escape to Volcano Lodge when the stresses of living in a third world country and running an orphanage got to us.. I heard tonight that the entire community is being evacuated because of a crater above the town that is filling will water. Experts are afraid that the next good rain will bring a mudslide that will bury the entire community. The lodge itself is full of mud and water. And the indigenous people there were desperately poor.
So much pain and misery.
WE CAN HELP MORE AS YOU HELP MORE. Go to http://www.safehomesforchildren.org and click on the donate button. Or write me at 20.vicki@gamil.com

1] The store where I used to buy my phone cards
2] The swinging bridge that my kids would walk on to go to the basketball court
3] the new concrete bridge
4] my helper daughter in Guatemala

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