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Monday, June 28, 2010

Youth Muscle and Our Gardens

We have had so much youth muscle this last week. Seven kids from VA, five girls from Utah and 38 kids from CO. They have helped so much. They hauled rocks to stabilize our well that was thinking about sinking into an Agatha sinkhole. They delivered food to the homeless and distributed it. They also double dug 4 by 10 foot beds for the beginnings of our veggie gardens. The CO team gave us $800.00 to use to buy 100 poulets [ chickens just starting to lay eggs]. We will put them in our new 100 bird chicken house. The veggies and 100 eggs a day will do tremendous good in terms of our nutrition programs. Four of our garden beds got planted with brocolli, squash and onions. Corn was also planted.Here are a few pictures of the garden and the VA team and the Utah girls. They are on their way to deliver the food Mark's group gave us and the truck took a dive into a ditch. I was on the phone with Debbie at the time talking about the distribution when I heard all this horrible screaming and shrieking. I was glad to learn 10 minutes later that is no worse than this.

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