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Monday, May 31, 2010

Agatha and Pacaya

Agatha caused alot more immediate trouble in our area than Pacaya did. Some houses went down. Doesn't take much to take down corn cob walls and rusty tin roofs and mud floors. We had some mud in our kitchen, dining room and bodega, but the kids from the school came for lunch and tutorials and Dominga and Gil cooked and taught as usual.
I am sure alot of the families lost their crops they had just planted and I am also sure they don't have the money for more seeds. I am also sure the kids and adults will have lots of colds and pneumonia from the wet and cold and parasites from the bad water. No money to buy either food or medicine.
Robert's house suffered some mud damage and he lost his water pipes. The roads are covered with mud and rocks and he could not get to Los Robles today. He is going tomorrow even if he has to walk the whole way.
Pacaya is causing it's own problems as teams can not leave and new ones can not come in. We have one that was supposed to arrive on Tues. and their flight was postponed until Sat. Two of them can not make it at all because of the postponing. I can not stress to you enough how important our teams our. You are my eyes,ears and hands. And I need you down there now. It is frustrating, but I am sitting on my nice, dry magnetic and foam covered mattress as I write this. Image the frustration of having little ones, your floor is all mud and slossy, your one mattress for the whole family is sopping wet as are all your clothes.. And you can't afford medicine if your kids get sick.
If you can help please do. we are up to $1000 donated as oone time gifts and $200.00 committed for the long term. PLEASE HELP US GET THE ORPHANAGE GOING. I can not let go of the existing programs; they are needed too much and we have the funding going for them. Let's get the orphanage going now. Any committed amount is gratefully appreciated. Next blog will give you two more reasons why it is needed.

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