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Monday, May 17, 2010

We leave For Guatemala

April 29th we left VA to travel to Atlanta to catch our Apr. 30th flight to Guatemala. I hate to fly and the going up and going down messes up my ears for days. The Atlanta flight is a straight one so only one time up and one time down. My husband gripes and complains about the 6 hour drive and always gives in. It was really hard to leave the kids. I had my 15 and soon to be 14 year olds with me, but my 20 year old college daughter was keeping the 5 youngest. The 17 year old was home in charge of milking our milk goats and keeping the animals and greenhouse plants alive. Everyone survived and Hannah did a great job. But I cried half of the way to the airport. The kids at home with Hannah were so excited to be with her as they love their big sisters.Hannah just finished her first year at the Univ and made great grades. Plus she was working two jobs at the time. The kids were never late to school and were fed and clothes in style, Hannah's hippy style.
The hotel night was good as was the flight and I was starting to enjoy some time with my two teens and not having so much responsibilty with the younger ones. Oh did I mention, I did not have to get up at 6am for bus duty or cook or clean the whole time we were gone.
Bottom picture is 3 that stayed at home and the older boy who went with us.
Next is of Alisa who also stayed.
Third from the bottom is of Johnny the goat milker. hey we get two gallons a day and did not want to loose it.
Next is Seth, the muscle boy.
Next is Juana who is the reason I did not have to cook or clean. She now does all that at the volunteer housing. She was my maid when we lived in Guate and I never had anything stolen from me. Plus she was always on the look out to make sure no one esle stole from me. Do not let her size or age fool you. She can run circles around most US 20 year olds.
And the final picture is of Hannah. Without her help and willingness to take over my responsibilites, I could not have gone at all.

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