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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our First Sat. in Guatemala

First thing I do when I get there is get in groceries. I go to Pana Super that has all the gringo supplies and send Juana to the market for all the fresh fruits and veggies. There is now Sandra's place that is a great gringo grocery store.
The two kids with us had Sat. dentist appts. as our dentist works mostly in Guate City, but works out at the Lake on Sat. We decided to get settled in on Sat. and Sun. as not much goes on at Los Robles on the week-ends. So we unpacked the 8 big suitcases we brought down of donations and laid them out so it would be easy to see what we had. So many great shoes. 100 plus pairs from several different groups. Some clothes, and some medical equipment including the walker we brought for Samuel. That is what the pictures are of.
I used the internet later that day so I could keep up with the family news, the for profit business needs and the Safe HOmes For Children emails. It is so crappy. A keyboard that should have been thrown away 3 years ago plus a Spanish keyboard that I do not know where half the markings are. Plus open air and flies. Oh well I did the bare minimum as many of you know by the emails I sent back.
That is all for sat. Oh did I mention sitting out on the great porch at our volunteer house and looking at the beautiful plants in the yard. Plus not having internet means I was not on it constantly like it can happen at home sometimes, like today.
Well gotta , the kids will be home from school soon.

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