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Sunday, March 07, 2010


Samuel is the little five year old whose parents brought him to Pedro back in Nov. and he was so sick he was almost dead. They had zip in the way of money. Not even the dollar they needed to ride the chicken bus into the city and go to the national Hosp. So Pedro, who does not spend a dollar without asking, called me at 8pm and said "what do I do?". I said give them the money to ride the bus and stay overnight and see what the docs say. The next day Pedro called and said he was very sick and the docs said it would cost $10,000 to get him well. I said, I don't have $10,000 but tell them to start helping him. My husband told me to throw it out to the group and see if we could get financail help. So I did. I promised the first $1000.00 and then another $1100.00 came in right away. Samuel was in the hospital for 3 weeks and we paid for his meds, his and his mom's food and water and she took care of him. We think he had spinal meninggitis. I saw him in Jan and received heartfelt thanks from his crying mom. Samuel just gave me a hugh smile that made me cry. But he could not walk and had to be carried. Well this past week, Sandy the physical therapist who came with our medical team, worked with him for 4 days off and on. She showed his mom whaat to do also. by the end of the time, he could stand a little and took two steps. Seems a miracle to me. What is the price of the life of a child? or the price of his smile? Samuel will go far in life because some of you cared.
Now he needs pediasure which we can not afford. So if someone wants to help with this, let me know.The pics are of him.

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Amy D said...

We would love to help if we can. Do you know how much it would cost?