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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our new yard and more pictures of the clinic

Back in Sept./Oct. when I was in Guatemala I met with my good friend Evelyn and her friend Ingrid. They decided we needed a yard out front. So they went back and a few weeks later my daughter Erin flew out to CA. Evelyn and Ingrid and Erin did a big fundraiser for us. Ingrid sponsored Nelson, the community child who had won so many prizes but had no money to go to middle school. The three of them helped us raise enough money for a yard and the clinic. Pedro and Jose wanted a yard that would withstand lots of rain, earthquakes and children so all the tables were built out of cement. The grass is starting to grow and they are putting in a sidewalk for the kids to walk on. Eventually we will buy umbrellas for the tables so they are more pleasant in the sun.
They also raised the $20,000 we need to build a small 4 room clinic. The clinic is definitely progressing as you can see. Rumors are it will be finiished in a couple of weeks, but this is Guatemala so I will believe it when I see it.

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