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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another great volunteer

Here is one of our wonderful doctor volunteers. She will help alot of pregnant women and children. Check out her daughters website. This is a link to my daughter's nonprofit group. She turned 17 last week and as I mentioned before is crazy for babies.

We were planning on bringing a pulmoaid that we can leave there and I have about 250 doses of Albuterol for it.
60 cans of powdered formula
We were also planning on bringing 2 oz measuring containers to help the mom's with proper mixing of the formula. We have 100 of them. 2 oz to one scoop. We were going to give that to them. We also have hundreds of hand knit baby hats-we were planning on bringing not sure how many yet. Colette has been working with all the fifth graders at an at risk school in East Oakland teaching them how to knit baby hats. They think they will have 60 more finished by our trip. The principal came down and said usually the dynamic would be that your school would do something to help our school. It isn't often that our kids get to do something to help. We definitely need pictures of those hats on babies for the kids.
As for the vitamins. I think it is really important. It will go further to improve health than most other things we could do. Supplementation of folic acid really does prevent birth defects-serious ones like the things that cause hydrocephalus. I do worry about giving them a bottle-the way the bottles come is enough for 6 months. We have 62 of these so far. I wonder if the mom's come to your orphanage twice a month if we could divide out enough for 2 weeks and then have them come back. If you looked at it more like a medicine than a bottle of vitamins maybe that would work? There is only so much you body can absorb so you hate to waste it by taking it all at once. I'm off to a meeting but think about it. Thanks. Jerrilyn

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