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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

great Fundraiser

One of our Safe Homes friends, Jeanette P, did a great fundraiser in the Chicago area. She raised $4000.00 with more possible donations. We really appreciate it and can certainly use it. Jeanette can you give us the details of what you did in case some other folks want to do the same thing.

Here is another fundraiser that a friend of mine does for his 501c3. He started out raising $20,000 a dinner 5 years ago and this last year raised $60,000. Here is what he does.
Finds a dining hall that has good food and can accommodate the number of people he wants. The one we went to 6 years ago had about 600 people at it. Then he has his volunteers go to businesses and the business contracts to pay for a "table" Each table that sits 8-10 costs the business $250.00. This pays to decorate the table and for the food for that table. Then he sends out the invites. Invitees are told this dinner and the speaker costs them nothing. But they will be able to make a donation as the hat will be passed. The dinner is served, the speaker speaks and does a slide show, a donation slip and envelope is passed to each person and the hat is passed. The year we went, my husband who is the biggest tight wad in the world wrote a check for $500. I about fell over. SO IT DOES WORK.


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