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Saturday, March 13, 2010

getting ready for our next clinic and new donations

My friend Debbie arrived in Guatemala this week with her family to help with various projects. She is the one providing us with all the new pictures. She will work with Pedro on getting everything ready for starting to take children. Such as painting more cubbies, filling them with clothes, hanging room decorations for the kids, sorting donations. She is also taking primary reponsibility for the Pediatric clinic being held three days next week. Two of the pictures are of Hugo's wife and Debbie making posters for the clinic. They made 15 and will distribute them to 6 or 7 pueblos. The other pictures are of donations Debbie brought down with her. They came from a group of Utah high schoolers who collected material donations and $100. We sure appreciate their love. The others are from a man in CO who collects stuffed animals and gives them to programs like ours. The community kids will love these.
Debbie has come on board with us as our volunteer coordinator. She has done a volunteer program in the past for another orphanage and we are glad to have her expertise. If you have a son or daughter, or you for that matter, that wants to participate in a well run volunteer program contact me. It costs about $1000 a month, but all the details are put together esp. care taken for their safety. She has found the perfect house about 1 mile from our facility and we are now looking for the perfect houseparents.
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