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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Lots of people want the orphanage to open. So do we. We have found out tho that some of the legal paperwork has not been done. We hired someone esle to investigate and this is what they found. So the opening is not imminent. But for everyone who wants to help and work with kids, we have a ton of them you can help. They are not helped by anyone because they are not orphans. But they are from desperately poor families and alot of them are being raised by single moms. or grandmoms. There are 75 that come to our place all the time. They are ages 5 to 16 and come for lunch and to be tutored by the teacher we have hired. They have younger and older brothers and sisters who also don't get to eat and pregnant mothers. But I stray. These children were all seen in pediatric clinics last week. They are all showing signs of malnourishment. Their teeth are all rotten. They don't drink except when they come to our place. They are anemic. They have not had any parties done for them except what we have done. They don't receive new clothes except what we have given. They don't get field trips or special projects, so if you are coming to help us, these children will appreciate everything you do for them. Whether it is music, crafts, art projects, special lunches, parties, clothes distributions, English classes, the children will love you for your time.
The pictures are of our teacher. I know he looks young, but he is great. With donations from you and us,we have supplied the teacher with toothbrushes and shampoo. The kids have none of this. He works with them to help improve their hygiene. A picture or two of teehtbrushing and hair washing. He helps them learn to settle disputes without fists.
thanks for your help.

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