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Saturday, March 27, 2010


here is a list of the programs that we have ongoing now.
75 school children that come 3 days a week for lunch.
35 school children that receive 3 hours of tutorials 5 days a week.
275 children who receive one bag of incaparina [ a nutritious drink ] twice a month.
30 infants who receive a can of formula twice a month.
6 students who receive the money to go to school
4 children who have life threatening illnesses that receive care from us
medical clinics
construction teams
a birthing room for women and their midwives to use

Programs we want to add
lunch for 75 children 6 days a week
more children and infants on incaparina and formula
more student scholarships
more children who need medical help
a once a week prenatal clinic
a once a week child development class
a once a week health education class
sewing classes

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