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Friday, January 20, 2012

Little Humanitarian(s)

Three years ago I took my then 2 1/2 year old daughter, Katie, to Guatemala to start the after-school tutoring and feeding program.  Ever since then she has been saving her pennies to help the kids in Guatemala.  Every time she found/received money she was more likely to put it in her 'Guatemala bank' then in her own penny bank.  She had a grand plan of buying each little girl a doll and each little boy a car, but since we don't have much change laying around the house, and there were going to be 250+ kids there, she had to settle on lollipops, bubble and tattoos.

Katie 2009 with the local kids
We had a party with all the moms and toddlers in our Tues and Thurs programs, on the Thurs I was there.  I went with my little family and then Vicki and all my little siblings came.  Vicki is super popular, EVERYONE was so excited to see her.  It was really fun to meet and see everyone we are helping.

My husband quickly started a soccer game with the little kids, he was really holding an interview trying to see which little girl he could steal and bring home.
Katie pulled out the lollipops and within seconds she was surrounded.

That is my brother Seth in the background acting as a bodyguard.
We were a little worried about her getting trampled so we had everyone form a line--for a lollipop.  And Katie and my other kids (and Samuel who decided he was part our little group) handed out all the lollipops.

Katie and Marcus and Addy (my 3 year old twins)

Samuel and Katie--he had some serious medical issues back when we first started working in the area and we were able to help him.  He now thinks he is part of an elite group whenever someone comes to visit.  We love him.
Next Katie and the other kids pulled out the bubbles.  They are a little bit of a novelty there.  Everyone had a lot of fun blowing and chasing them.

Last Katie and my little sisters set up a tattoo booth and put tattoos on all the kids that wanted them.

We had some great people send some stuffed animals, formula, shoes and backpacks (THANK YOU!!!) for us to take down.  So before lunch we handed out a toy to each child.

Some great young women knitted these hats and mittens.  We handed these out to all the babies.  It was perfect timing, because right now it gets pretty cold at night.

Vicki has written before about the two down syndrome kids in our group.  My little brother Seth spent a lot of his time hanging out with them.

As with most things in life, kids are the best example, may we all be like Katie (all our other little humanitarians) and put others needs before our wants.

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