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Friday, January 06, 2012

The pictures are of some of the grandkids I will be leaving. The little blond is my daughter Flossie's. The one in the football shirt is the one I take a lot of care of.

The left picture is off my 26 year old son and his two boys.

The top picture is off my oldest son, the one who gave me the gift of songs.

They are the ones I wrote about yesterday.

For my hubby's and mine last hot Friday night date night in the states, we had a stroll down memory lane. For Christmas the kids got us an IPOD and speaker system. My oldest son loaded up a bunch [ over a 1000] songs and I downloaded from my computer another bunch so we were good to go for a music night. My oldest is only 19 years younger than I am and went to many music festivals with me as a toddler so we kind of like the same music. He had collected tons of the music we listened to at the festivals and taken a few hours to put them all on a couple of cds i could load onto my IPOD.

Hubby and I reflected on 35 years of marriage and the blessings that come with so many memories. We were playing songs from our hippie days and it's hard not to see all the changes that have occurred over those years. Like 18 kids and soon to be 21 grandkids. These are things we would have never dreamed of in our wildest imagination all those years ago. And now we have also nine years in Guatemala which has been a learning curve to top all of the others, but it has been very rewarding. Funny how we could sit in our bedroom [ only place we can get any privacy] amidst total packing chaos and be taken back to a younger time where worries seemed much less. We both relished our most memorable song of the time we met was "Wildfire" by Michael Murphy. Very apt considering where our life has gone.

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