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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mamas are the Same everywhere

(I am writing this for Vicki bc her internet is acting up)
Word got out that we had helped the kids in our little area of Los Robles last year with scholarships for Basico (which is our equivalent of middle school).   The kids in Guatemala have to pay an enrollment fee, as well as pay for uniforms, shoes, back packs and all the other things kids need for school.  This may not seem like much for us, but when you put in terms of the enrollment each month costing more then they make, and then on top of the that, the other necessities cost the same as they do here in the states,  you can see why so many people in Guatemala only have an elementary education.  Problem is...without education they can not break the poverty cycle.

 IF THESE KIDS ARE NOT EDUCATED THEN THEY WILL STILL NEED OUR HELP WHEN THEY HAVE KIDS YEARS FROM NOW!  But if they can get an education then they can help themselves and their families.

While I was in Guatemala last week Vicki held a meeting with all the kids that were hoping to receive scholarships.  Some of them had to travel pretty far to get there.  We let them get there on their own because we wanted to see who was really serious about school.  As you can see from the pictures below, they are all serious.  We had a large crowd.  I had to explain to them that we do not have the money for all of them to go to school right now.  I took all of their pictures and got some information on them and told them I would ask YOU if you would help them go to school.

And, least you think we are giving them something for nothing...we aren't.  Those that receive scholarships have to give back through community service.  Those that live in our community come weekly to clean up our property and to help in the garden.  Those that live to far away to travel to us will clean up their own streets and churches. We have someone who tracks their service; we want to make sure they are learning to be self-sufficient.

1st yr Basico (12-13yrs)

2nd Basico (13-15yrs)

3rd Basico (14-16yrs)

Diversication (highschool-15+) Notice some of the moms stanidng in.

The moms

The funniest part about the whole meeting was the moms.  There were quiet a few there.  Some came to represent their child who was working or sick (said child had to show up the next day to talk to me to make it on our list).  Others came with their child and worked hard to make sure their child stood out of the crowd.  Before each picture they would primp their child, or tell them where to stand or sit.  And since I speak Spanish, almost every mom pulled me aside to talk about their child and how well they do in school and how special they are.  Think about it, if you couldn't pay for your child to go to school, what would you do to make sure your child got an education.

It cost $350/year to send each child to school.  That comes out to about $30/month.  So pick a kid, I will send you their picture and info and a letter from them.

Email me at erin.casadesion@gmail.com for more info.

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