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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Days 10, 11, 12 and 13 of 2012 blog

Friday was such a fun day. Erin and husband Mark were visiting and we rented a boat and had 4 adults and 10 kids on the Lake for a beautiful, sunny, warm, peaceful day. I am going to let Erin do the blog with pictures of that day so I have a chance to catch up with the other days. Sat. was a Home Sweet Home Day. Erin and family left early that morning to fly back to the USA and I was sick. But it was our first day at our new house and so we tried to settle in. We unpacked and put things away and felt not quite so homesick at the end. We also were looking for a big terrible looking dog for safety issues for the kids, but also wanted him to be sweet and lovable. We found him in the Pensa Libre a cute black lab. Only problem was he was in the city, but our wonderful shuttle driver, Jorge, said he would bring him to us next trip out to the Lake.
Sunday we went to church and tried to pay attention to the Spanish sermons we did not understand. Then we came home and taught the kids some of our own church lessons. In English. Then rested and then more settling in. We have decided to only have a maid Tues thru Fri. so it will  not be such a shock having to do our own chores when we return to the states in April. So no maid, so we do our own cooking and cleaning.
Monday we spent time processing issues with our two new employees,. Also took our two oldest to Pana to start them in the private school they will attend while here. PCI. The teachers will help Scotia and Caleb with their books from the states. It worked well last year and the schools in the states were pleased. Our new employees are Mario and Juan. Mario will supervise the nutritional programs and Juan the educational. They both have interesting stories and I will tell them in hte next blog.

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