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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Look For Us on the USA New With Our Nutributter Program

Last week I decided to follow Mario and Dominga around while they finished up the 24 communities we were assigned to assess for the new nutributter grant form UDAID. I met them in San Andres where they were working. They had a community worker who helped them find the 6 to 24 month olds from the Central Salud list. They had to walk a million miles to find the 48 babies in this community as no one knew where they lived. Once found, they explained the program and then measured the child's length on a board they carried with them and weighed her from a hanging scale they also carried with them. Baby was not too happy.
And first time I have ever seen Dominga in pants.
Sat. is the big.... meeting before we start distributing the nutributter and begin the program. Casa De Sion did the best of all the NGOs so they will train the others. There will be USA news reporters at the meeting. Then the next week these same reporters will go with Mario, Dominga and I to some of our communities to film. Praying it gives help to these communities and that my 62 year old body can keep up.

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