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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Erin's family makes it to Guatemala

Many of you know my daughter Erin as she helps keep Safe Homes For Children and Casa de Sion organized. She and her family flew to Guate yesterday so Erin can see first hand the things we are doing and meet the Mayan ppeople we love. Their Delta flight had some trouble. Just as they were getting ready to take off, the pilot announced that the plane was not ready to fly. They had to find another plane to take them there. Kind of scary. Not the kind of thing you want to hear. better to hear it on the ground tho instead of in the air. For me today includes more packing. Thanks for the formula, shoes, clothes, and pack backs we have received. I am busy stuffing them in suitcases.My family here will meet them there in a couple of days.

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Lilly said...

Great to hear got there safely.Erin, one day will perhaps make it there too. God bless you.