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Friday, February 05, 2010

thank you

We are being so blessed with volunteers and donations. I was so afraid with Haiti needing so much that no one would be able to give to us, but one day I realized that HF can take care of everyone and quit worrying. The next day I got a call from a group wanting to take us on as their yearly project. This project includes a $20,000
building project. Plus a field trip in June for the kids and the next day a community party. This on top of the new clinic we are building with the donations from another group. We had the ground breaking ceremony last week. I hope to send pictures soon. Then another call from a CO youth group wanting to come down and do 2 days of building raised beds for our gardens. Then a FL youth group coming down to do the same, then a UT youth group coming down to do the same. Then a UT Spanish class that collected donations and $100.00 in change for our feeding program and wants to raise more. Then a couple of UT men who have been helping in another country and want to help us. They are going to buy the meds that our pediatrician who is coming in Mar. will need for her clinics. I spoke with her yesterday and was so impressed with her concern and due dilligence in finding out what the people will need. Then there was $400.00 from paypal on my yahoo acct. this morning from two different people. That does not include the two other adult groups coming in Mar. and April who will do medical clinics and construction and donate $2500.00 to each project. Or the regular payments that another group give to our feeding programs or the other people who give and have given faithfully for several years. Or the second hand store that gives nice clothing and other things every month. Or my new volunteer coordinator who is going down in Mar. with volunteers of her own to help or the WWOOF volunteers who go down and do alot of grunt work. Thanks everyone. Also my daughter who will keep the stats on our ever growing feeding program and student sponsorships. My other daughter who does the thank you notes. My other daughter who helps with the accounting and my other one who takes some of the donation calls. Plus all four of those daughters run our business so we can donate our time to this. because of that, we have no need to take a salary . So 100% of what you give goes to our programs.
I was so worried because our situtation in rural Guatemala can be as bad as haiti without the earthquake. People starve to death and kids are permanently damaged because of malnutrition on a regular basis. i won't worry any more and want ot say a big THANK YOU.

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Vanessa said...

That's WONDERFUL news!! I know I've been trying to relax with the school building project because I just have to have faith that God will work it all out and He is!!