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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Finding the Kids

Pedro had a very interesting week-end. He did undercover work with the police in Guate City until 3am Sat and 4am Sun. They found some more kids being used in sex trafficking. He also found a woman who told him the Fernanda was being used like this. He has not been able to check it out or find her. On the way home form the city, he went thru Cocales as we have been trying to locate Luis. Well guess who was selling drinks to people in the raod? LUIS. So he is going on Thurs. to talk with Luis and his mom who has him selling the drinks.
Herardo called and wants to come back, but he is 18 now so don't know what we will do about him. Juliana, who is 16, is marrying some lowlife.nother
Still working on our papers and they are still coming. We have a big medical clinic next week.
I have a woman in the states, Wendy that's you, who is interested in fundraising for a safe house for kids involved in sex trafficking. I have located a place in a small pueblo that would hold 20 kids.It is located so the kids would not be found. It would cost around $400.00 for rent and utilities. Another $750.00 for caregivers and security. Another $750 for food and water. that is per month and for 20 kids. Does anyone want to help with this project?


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