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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our Big Clinic

Bottom picture is of my son Joey and his newest daughter and my oldest daughter Jenn's new baby. Joey has two other daughters. he and his wife Crystal were the ones that kept 3 of my teens when we went to Guatemala in Jan. The next picture is of my oldest daughter Jenn. Jenn is the one who writes the thank you notes to people who donate to us. We have just started this and if we missed you, just give me a gentle reminder and we will get one sent to you.Jenn has four children total, two boys and tow girls. The last family picture is of my husband holding our grandson, Sam, who is Jenn's youngest.
We have a wonderful team of people in Guatemala arriving today who will be doing four days of general clinics Mar. 1,2,3, and 4. There will be 15 of them not counting the translators. They are buying $2000.00 worth of meds to give to the people who need it and can not afford it. The first two pictures are of Gary and his wife Sylvia who lead these wonderful teams. We will have more pictures of the clinics to show you. I sure wish I could be there and not stuck on this mountain with 3 feet of snow and more coming. But finding a babysitter to take on 8 kids and the mountain is hard. As it is, it is taking my husband and I both to manage everything with the fierce storms coming our way. Next year we have decided to live in Guate for Jan., Feb., Mar., and part of April. Anyone know someone who wants to live on top of a mountain during the winter? it is really pretty up here. Rent free for feeding my goats and chickens and dogs.
I need a donor for the meds for the pediatrician coming the middle of march. Any takers?????

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