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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Am So Excited

Gary and Sylvia have arrived along with Antonio, a great Guatemalan man who helps alot of the medical teams that come in. . They met with Pedro last night and went and bought $2000.00 worth of money. They love our volunteer house in Panajachel where they are staying. They are planning to see 200 Mayans a day and do four days worth of clinics. They are going to hand out 200 numbers and you have to have a number to be seen. This will prevent people from having to wait all day and then not get in.We are working in two communities. Los Robles, our community , and San Andres. We will take people from other communities tho. Pedro is helping get everything set up. Jose, our guardian, is acting as town crier and spreading the word to the Mayans. We need 3 Spanish/English translators and 2 Katchikiel/Spanish translators. We have 2 doctors and 5 nurses and 8 other people on the team who will do the pharmacy, crowd control, color with kids,etc.
Pedro has a court hearing with the judge today. She is new and has replaced the judge who for 12 years has given the orphanages crap. We have heard the new one is a good one. He is taking her to lunch with our atty. They are going over our story and asking her to help us reopen. Can't wait to hear from him. CNA says anyday now, but there anyday is really any year now.

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Angel said...

Sounds like good things are happening!