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Thursday, February 04, 2010

our Guatemala trip

This last Jan. trip we had the pleasure of seeing one of the babies that had been at our orphanage. If you have been following my blogs for a couple of years, you will remember him. His name is Edwin. We first heard about him one evening as my family was sitting down to dinner. Pedro called me and said there was a new one day old baby on the way to the orphanage. He had been found on the side of the road on the way to Chichicastenago. My family got to vote on the name for him. The kids suggested Landon and several others I can't remember. I had named the last one so I did not vote. My husband suggested Edwin and I went along with him. Edwin it was. As soon as we finished eating, I rushed over to the orphanage with my 13 year old daughter and left my husband to do homework with our kids. The baby was adorable and soon our family started keeping him along with Noe during the day. We found out that his paperwork that was on the side of the road said that his name truly was Edwin. His bio mom had given him that name. My husband's spiritual ability shot up in my eyes. Edwin and Noe were very much a part of our lives for the next 4 months until we returned to the states. Then the government did their thing and the kids that were adoptable were tossed into the government orphanages, Edwin and Noe among them. Edwin stayed there for a year until the woman in the picture holding him stepped in with her husband and adopted him. They took possession of him in Aug, 2009. She said he was so sick he had to be immediately hospitalized. He had so little calcium, translated formula, that his teeth have not come in altho he is almost two and he has scars all over his body where the doc says boiling water or maybe oil was spilled on him. His parents run two second hand stores in Pana where they sell clothes from the USA. They love him very much and he loves them. I am anxious to get Noe back with us. But at least Edwin's story ends happily. We got to visit with them for a couple of hours while there.
The other pictures are of our volunteer house that you can rent if you come to Pana and work with us. it is nice and safe. We loved staying there. The last one is of my 5 youngest adopted children. They were adopted from the USA at birth. We took them with us this last visit so we could stay longer. They loved being there. We paid their airfare and their expenses out of our personal money as we do all our expenses while there. 100% of your donations goes to the programs in Guatemala.

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