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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fernanda and child trafficking

I posted on my blogs about Fernanda being sent home to her abusive dad when the Pgn Atty. shut us down. Then about how I saw her in Oct. and she begged me to let her come back and live with us. I told her absolutely as soon as I had the stupid piece of paper we needed. Then she went home to her evil father who beat the crap out of her and she had to be hospitalized for a week. After that she ran. Pedro and I started giving the police some extra cash for gas and bullets [ yes they have to buy their own ] for them to hunt for her in Guatemala City where her dad lives.
I started getting a hankering to broaden the base of what Safe Homes For Children does and include working against child trafficking. I did not know which direction I wanted to go in. I had not mentioned any of this to Pedro. But as I was child who was used in porn and prostitution and I know the horrors of it, I wanted to do something. Well we jumped into it today. Pedro just called me and said the police had called him to come into the city; they had found something. He is there now. What they found was a dead girl who has all the same looks as Fernanda. She is at the morgue and he gets the delightful job of going and deciding if it is her. If is not, they told him there are four groups that are using 13 to 15 year old girls for prostitution. When they turn 15, they get them pregnant and send them to another country and sell the baby. He is going with the police to see if Fernanada is among them. If he finds her, she will go with him to a safe house.I love Pedro; wish he had been there in my childhood.

The above pictures are of Fernanda. One of her and one of her being overjoyed seeing Eva her former nanny.

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