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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Help Us Improve Our Library

Thanks to some wonderful people we have been able to start a library in Los Robles. Our new directors spent many hours finding our books, organizing and cataloguing them. Since my mom was a librarian and I made money in college cataloging library books, this is close to my heart. I love to read and am a lifelong learner. Teach a kid to love reading and you can change their life. You can also take them away from a hard life and help them survive.So we now have 600 books for grades pre_K thru middle school. We have an incentive program or reward for each book the children read and we have a story hour on Tuesdays at our children's play group. Help us get 300 more books for either this library or to start a new one in Nueva Victoria and change a kid's life. Here is how to do it. And thanks to Debbie for orgaanizing this.
I will post pictures of it later as my computer is malfunctioning right now.

We are holding an Usborne on-line Book Fair (eFair) to benefit Safe Homes for Children! Usborne is a leading publisher of children's books, offering high-quality commercial-free books.

For total Book Fair sales of $200-$499, Safe Homes for Children will receive an additional 25% in free books. For total sales of $500+, Safe Homes for Children will receive an additional 50% in free books! For example, if total Book Fair sales reach $800, Safe Homes for Children will get an additional $400 in FREE books!

There are two ways to shop... both Wishlist sales and personal use sales count towards this total.

Please go to the website below, then click on "Safe Homes for Children" under Active e-Fairs. There is a Spanish book wish list for you to choose from. Once you get to the check-out, choose "Ship to Organization – Safes Homes for Children", and the shipping will be free. Also, there is no sales tax.

Or, if you would like to shop for your family, while benefiting this Book Fair, just
click on "Safe Homes for Children" under Active e-Fairs and begin your shopping. Once you get to check-out, choose ship to your home and your order will ship immediately.

The Book Fair will be open until Sept. 15th. At the close of the Book fair, the Spanish books will be mailed to Vickie Dalia, then make their way to Guatemala.

Thank you for considering supporting this Book Fair!



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