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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Two containers going down in a week/Need School Supplies

My last blog reported on Nueva Victoria. When I visited there 3 weeks ago, it was to assess needs and give out food, sweatshirts and work gloves so the men could work out in the rain. One of the major needs I saw was the school. They lost their last school building to the mudslides. They had to change departmnts when they moved to new land. The new department is San Andres. That is where our facility is located, so the muni of San Andres came to us for help. They had no money in the budget to hire the 3 teachers needed for 100 children so we paid their salaries and trained them. We even did a week of traiining on the Seven Habits to provide some character training for the kids. Their school "building" consisted of tree posts sticking up in the ground. The men had cut these trees and probably paid for them. Richard, a volunteer there last week, has bought the cement for the floor.I had my new intern go up there yesterday to give me a report on the progress of the school.
Here is her report.

"hey vicki,

in nueva victoria we talked to the community, daniel was there on
richards behalf discussing the water situation and i was there to see
about the school. the temporary school is pretty bad, and
unfortunately we got there too late to see a class in session and the
teachers had left for the day. i took pictures of the school and some
with the kids standing in front. i was able to get the names and
numbers of all 3 teachers and i met the directorat a road crossing to
give her the money to buy a snack on independence day. when i talked
to the directora, she said that they have 82 children, and nothing
else. they dont have a floor (but richard provided money for this
already). they need books, paper, pencils, black or white boards (at
least 3), desks, notebooks, anything you can think of. all they have
now is a few benches and a few pieces of paper...it is truly
incredible that they can even continue like that. the information for
the teachers is as follows:

Maria Morales 5992 5176 (directora)
Telma Quino 4554 6345
Diego Xon 4621 6913"

We have two containers going down in the next two weeks. One from Utah and one from PA. We live in VA and will be traveling hwy 81 with a big turck load of stuff for the PA contaner. If you live in Utah write me and I will give you the number for the family handling the UTah contaner. We need desks, school supplies, shoes, books, medical equipment, dental equipment, farm equipment including shovels, rakes and hoes,toys, household furnishings, kitchen pots and pans and blenders and microwaves. If you can help with any of it, let me know. If you want to donate cash , push the button. Thanks to all of you who have already responded to this disaster.
I do not have Laura's pics yet, but here are a few I took. One of the "school" location with the posts and two of the children you will be helping. There are a total of about 200 children in this community, 100 are elementary age. All would love a simple Christmas party with a small present.


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