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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Please buy books for you and help us get more for the library

A report from one of our volunteers on the success of the library.
The library: One of the biggest successes is the library. Children
love coming around or staying after class to read a book or two. The
access pass: their parents’ permission. The principal from the school
told me that there is a difference of day and night between the kids
that stay in the program and the ones that don’t, she also told me
that they have improved their reading speed and reading quality by
tons. We are going to send you the list we made with Russell. One of
the programs that I was going to start on the Wednesday of the
burglary was the reading contest. I left the poster ready on the side
of the closet that has the TV on the main central room. It is ready to
have names posted on it and how many books were read in the period of
two weeks. I also left the prices in the same closet drawer. I left
Laura with all that info and exact location of the things. Children
were reading between 2 and 5 books a day! They also learned silent
reading. The kids loved lying down on the petates or sharing a chair
and reading. We have some pictures that we are going to send, I am not
sure if Russ sent those to you already. They would come with me after
reading and before leaving and they would tell me how much they loved
the stories and what were they all about.

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