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Friday, September 10, 2010

Nueva Victoria

The following pictures are of the community of Nueva Victoria. They are a community of about 380 people who lost everything in the mudslides caused by Agatha. They borrowed money as a community to get this piece of land. With the help of the muni they got enough water in for drinking and cooking. The muni also split the cost with them of a small block making machine that the men work all day making block for their homes. They make 120 blocks a day and use it with some wood to make small homes. The women walk 4 miles up and down steep mountain roads to wash clothes and bodies in the river below. With your financial donations. we took a 100 pound bag of corn and a 10 pound bag of beans out there for each family [ there are 63] . With your material donations we gave each man a sweatshirt [ they had no protection from the rains ] and a pair of work gloves. They were thrilled. Each child got a piece of clothing. and a bag of chips.
I am happy to report that one of our volunteers that was there last week has worked out a deal with the muni to put in a water line that will supply all their water needs. They still need electricity. This same man bought cement to put in a floor for their school. We paid the salary for 3 teachers for the 120 elementary children. So now they have a cement floor and 3 teachers. No desks, no books and no lunch. We would like to help them with all of that, but we would need donations to be able to do that. Feel free to push the donate button. And thanks for helping us help them. We also need teams to go down and helo the people. They are a very hard working community and have done much with the little they have. They lost all their crops tho and still need help withfood. The men go out to work if they have jobs to pay off the loan for the land, but no is living luxurious lives. the picture of the house is the first one they built.

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