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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Risking my life to take your Donations to PA

All last week my family worked to sort donations, buy more 18 gallon rubber maid buckets and pack them all with your donations. We packed 140 buckets or about 3500 pounds of donations. All that had been stored in my house and shed. We rented a 6 by 12 foot uhaul it and put a hitch on the back of our 15 passenger van. Then Sunday we took all the seats out and loaded all 140 buckets in the van and the uhaul it. My daughter came to babysit the kids at home and at 8 monday morning Jody and I took off for PA., an 8 hour drive under normal conditions. But nothing is ever normal in my life. As soon as we hit the major highway, the uhaul started wobbling. At one point, my husband pulled too sharp to pass a big truck and went 65 miles an hour doing it. The uhaul went nuts shaking back and forth and he could not control the van. I thought we were dead. I have wondered many times whether I would die doing work for the Mayans of Guatemala. Maybe by a bandito, a kidnapper, a crazy driver on the crazy roads, a mudslide, but never did I think it would be taking a load of donations up to PA. Until then.!!!! I seriously thought we were gone and I wondered if my at home kids would go into foster care. but after much screaming [ until Jody told me to be quiet ; it was not that nice] , then much prayer, Jody figured out how to pull us out of the death throes we were in. The rest of the way was nerve wracking with me watching the speed [ never again over 60], and reminding him a million times to stay slow and in the right hand lane. We did manage to meet my 20 year old for lunch as we came within 5 minutes of her school. That part was fun.
Finally we arrived at Orphan Resources in Epharata, PA were happy to unload all 140 buckets just because it meant we were alive. The container will go out in 2 weeks and should be in Guatemala in 3 more weeks. Lots of great kids clothes [ thank you Karen ] and shoes [ thank you to many of you ] and soccer uniforms and equipment [ thanks again] and some school supplies and kitchen equipment and some warm adult clothing. Thanks everybody. The people of Guate will love you.
We enjoyed our time visiting with Sarah and Rod of Orphan Resources. They are a large interracial family like us with the same crazy hearts we have for Guatemala. Then on to a great B and B in a house built in 1763 in an Amish coommunity. Jody crashed and slept the rest of the night, but the next morning we had a good breakfast and toured the country side before heading home for the next 8 hours. This trip we traveled fine as the trailer had no weight.

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Tatiana said...

Thank goodness you're safe! Sounds like a great adventure.