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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Three weeks ago on the exact same day that we were trying to get medical help for Maria who had such a bad foot infection we were afraid she would die, we had to deal with another medical emergency. Maria is in Nueva Victoria where we have a feeding program for 120 children. The baby girl in the picture at the top lives across the street from our community buildings in Los Robles. Her parents came to Joel wanting a ride to the hospital an hour away. For $6.00 they could get the ambulance to come, but did not have the money. We paid for the ambulance. The baby was turing blue from breathing problems and we did not want to take any chances. After a couple of days we got a diagnosis. Pneumonia. I told Joel to take pictures of the stove the mom uses to cook all the family meals as I was betting it was an open one that put horrendous amounts of smoke into the single room the family cooked and lived and slept in. I was right. The next picture shows what they cook on. Many little ones live like this and get sick and burned from these open fires. Some die because of them. The last picture is of an ONIL stoves. For about $125.00 a team can buy a stove. It will be delivered and the team instructed how to put it together. It is smokeless and uses in one week the same amount of wood that the open fire uses in a day. We want to start helping get these installed for people. The one in this picture was paid for by a donor and installed in the classroom in Nueva Victoria for the student's mothers to cook the lunch we provide for them. Before they had to cook over an open fire. If you want to buy one or two or three, we have a team coming in two weeks who could install them . Let us know.

thanks for all you do


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