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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Your challenge

Vicki and Jody head to Guatemala in a few weeks.  Your challenge is to fill the 4 suitcases they are taking down.  Right now, Casa de Sion is badly in need of 2 things
1. Infant formula.  
Remember this formula is for babies whose mothers CANNOT breastfeed them.  So if they do not get formula they do not eat.
2. School supplies.
We need anything and everything. (except, go light on the notebooks because the schools there require special notebooks, so our notebooks only get used in our tutoring sessions.) But we need pencils, colored pencils, rulers, sharpeners, calculators, protractors, markers, crayons (if your kid needed it we need it).  And BACKPACKS!  We really need backpacks.  Used ones are fine as long as they are is good condition.  

Please mail everything to Vicki Dalia @ 3303 Pond Mtn Ln, Whitetop, VA 24292
Sept 30, 2011
If you can afford something big--go big
If you can afford something small--go grab some crayons and pencils and put them in the mail

If you don't have time to shop or mail-- then donate the money and tell me what to buy and I will go shopping for you.

And just so you can see who you are helping...
Some of our students


Some of our babies


Some of both
Thank you for caring and much as we do and helping us help these amazing people!

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